Thursday, 30 August 2007

Never argue with an idiot - they'll bring you down to their level then beat you with experience.

I need to get this off my chest.
I had an argument with my uncle last night at home, which basically stemmed from the fact that I occasionally use a heater in my room so that I'm not cold.
He walked into my room last night after I had had this heater on for a few minutes and then started lecturing me on how much electric heaters cost to run.
I know they're expensive. I know he feels this way. The thing is, I pay extra for the electricity bill to cover it.
So anyway after I argued back with him, he slammed my door and stormed out.
I sat there for a couple of minutes, fuming, before I walked out and had it out with him.
I'm sick of walking on eggshells around the home just so I can please him.
The truth is, I am, comparatively, a damn good housemate. I wash up nearly every night, always pay my bills and rent on time, rarely leave any mess lying around anywhere etc.
After I had it out with him I felt better. I think I made him realise that he was being a tool.

Here's a list of things I wanted to say to him but thought better of it:

  • Perhaps if you spent less money on pot you wouldn't be so concerned about a little extra on the electricity bill.
  • So, in conceding that I already know how you feel about the heater, we have nothing to argue about right? So shut the fuck up!
  • Slamming doors is kid's stuff. Grow up.
  • You know why your life's so shit? Because you let it get that way and you don't give a fuck. I know that when I'm your age, the last thing I would want is to a) be living separately from my wife and children because I couldn't stop smoking weed, b) working a part-time job at Bunnings, c) living from week to week and scrounging to get enough money to feed my addiction, d) scraping my smoking implements and smoking resin when I can't afford weed or e) have no prospect of ever getting my own home because I earn too little and have done nothing to save/put aside money over the years. All of which applies to you.

That feels better.

I guess if there's any good that can come out of this it's that I have found my next financial goal after my holiday in a week's time - saving up some money for bond and moving expenses so I can get the hell outta this place.


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Feel better?

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