Wednesday, 23 December 2009

I'm pregnant

No two words have ever carried such weight in the history of humankind.
I've heard them twice. The first time I was young and a different person and it was a whole different ball game.

The second time was ten weeks ago.
So in five months time, I'm going to be a dad.
And I'm very very excited.

My whole life is about to change, and to be honest, I can't wait :)

There's a very minute part of me that is scared, but at the moment the excitement far outweighs any nerves.

So I guess this post is just a brief note to let you know that life is going well. I really can't commit to posting any more than once every month or two, but I will be back. If you want to keep coming back that would be great but unfortunately I can't commit to more at this stage.

Talk to you soon :)

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Pics from the other side.

The Indonesian National Museum building. I couldn't take a picture of the main entrance because it was blocked by tour buses. Ugh.

Indonesia's National Monument - complete with a massive display in the basement underneath the monument portraying a particularly skewed version of the country's proud history.

Jakarta's version of riverside properties.

A massive replica of David covered in a blue-ish/purple print on the ground floor of a shopping centre. I don't know why.

An 80-year-old man who had been living and working on Indonesian fishing boats from the age of 12. These days he runs boat trips up and down the harbour.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Hi, I'm back

Sorry I left you for a couple of weeks. I was away, you see. I was lucky enough to score a media junket to Jakarta and Bandung as part of a bid to promote the rest of Indonesia. You know, apart from that most cliched of holiday destinations, Bali.

It was an amazing trip and really opened my eyes to how lucky we are here in Australia.

I read a newspaper article while I was there about the president (SBY, who was recently re-elected) and his efforts at reducing poverty in the country. The article said that he had been relatively successful in reducing poverty because by the end of his first four years, he had reduced the amount of people living under the poverty line by 4 million.

Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? Except when put into the context of the total population living in poverty at the time. He reduced it from 36 million to 32 million. 32 million people living in poverty. And by poverty I do mean poverty.
That's about one and a half times the population of our entire country.

With this in mind, I have to say I can completely understand the reaction by an Indonesian district governor not to accept the Australian customs boat carrying refugees that were originally headed for Australia.
These guys have enough problems feeding and looking after their own people as it is. And we're a country with a relatively tiny population and a massive amount of land around us.

I've got to say I'm a bit disappointed that Mr Rudd seems to be trying to find his own Pacific Solution simply because the panic merchants are trying to tell us that we're getting swamped. He is a Labor Prime Minister and he has a responsibility to educate the public on some of the myths surrounding asylum seekers.
I'm sure he's probably a bit nervous considering Howard won an election on the back of the Children Overboard scandal, but he needs to take a stand. And not the sort of stand he's taking now.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Definition of Hell arriving at the gym at 6am only to discover you've left your iPod at home and you are to be subjected to an hour and a half of commercial breakfast radio. Ugh.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Gotta watch that black magic

It is with a heavy heart that this morning I opened my email inbox to receive the latest "press release" (read - offensive, fanatical diatribe) from Catch the Fire Ministries based over east.

It started out with a mildly interesting claim that the remains of a black (satanic) altar were found near Canberra and that the head pastor believed "dark forces were at work against the Government and the nation." Some might say dark forces were already at work inside Parliament House - has anyone noticed how grey Malcolm Turnbull's hair has become lately?

So the guy organised a mass Christian prayer session. As you do.
There's a little bit more that's mildly interesting (you know, in the way that a spider spinning a web around a fly is mildly interesting) about this black altar being a possible cause of the Black Sunday bushfires (yawn) before I came across this:

"Our main reason for going to Mount Ainslie is to pull down the strongholds of the devil, to repent and pray against any evil done in our land including the adverse affects of witchcraft, homosexuality and of course the devastation of abortion, so that God will save our land,” Pastor Daniel said."

Ummm, hold on. Homosexuality and abortion? What the fuck has that got to do with the price of eggs??

This sort of thing really upsets me. Perhaps it shouldn't. Perhaps I shouldn't let it. Perhaps I'm giving it too much credence by even writing about it now. One can only hope that the news outlets receiving these "press releases" are doing the same thing I'm doing. Hitting the delete button.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Those people

I used to blog, once upon a time, in an office far, far away, about a courier driver (CD) who used to frequent said office.

This CD used to annoy me endlessly with bad jokes, racist observations and generally bigoted points of view.

That was, until I moved offices. He now frequents my office on a daily basis and this morning he came up with a pearler when talking about a Zimbabwean-born journalist that recently began working for us.

CD: "He's a really nice guy."

Me: "Mm-hmm."

CD: "He's really well educated."

*At this point I am reminded of a Boston Legal episode in which William Shatner's character told Jaleel White's character that he was "Very well-educated. You know, for someone like yourself."*

Me: ...

CD: "You know, I really like it when those people (that's right, he said 'those people') get out of their home country, get a good education somewhere else and do well for themselves. Then, eventually, they can go back to their countries and make it a better place."

Me: "Um, yeah. Talk to you later."

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Take a number

As someone who works for a community newspaper, local government elections are always a mixed bag.
On the one hand they are a rich vein of news for a month or two - on the other hand every man and his dog crawls out of the woodwork to either nominate, defam a candidate or just bitch about how politicians never keep their promises.
Local government elections always seem to be that much nastier than State or Federal elections for some reason.

Today I had the mayor of one of my local governments come in and tell me he thought my paper had an agenda against him. Not only that, but he thought it had had an agenda against him for the past ten years. Which is ridiculous considering a) there's been about five different editors in that time and b) I don't care enough about this guy to have any sort of agenda against him.

It was the first time I'd spoken to the guy, he'd made no attempt to contact me beforehand and to top it all off he kept talking over the top of me.

Don't get me wrong, I'm always open to constructive criticism but the guy's a dick. I'm praying he doesn't win the election. But in the meantime I'll just keep putting out the fairest, least biased paper possible. Cockhead.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Everyone's entitled to their opinion

In my job I get letters regarding a range of issues.
I think it's safe to say roughly half of them are unprintable. The unprintable ones range from bigoted, fear-mongering seniors to locals with a vested interest in taking down a particular council.
I rarely read letters sections in papers, mainly because there are so many views in there that are either offensive or just plain wrong. But everyone's entitled to their opinion.
Which is why I wanted to share this one with you. I find these sort of people the most interesting. They are convinced the world is against them and it's all a conspiracy. Oh, and it's usually the Government's fault:

Want your internet access 87% slower? Want to pay more? Want a “Nanny” state with a top secret list of “Prohibited” material not subject to appeal by anyone? Want over 8% of “Allowed” sites accidentally blocked? Want paedophiles and other perverts to flout the rules with ease? Want a net filtering system more draconian than even Saudi Arabia, Iran and China, and used by no other democracy in the World? Then welcome to 21st century communications in Australia, Rudd and Conroy style. Find out the latest info at

From: Mrs. Kim Bax, Cedar Vale, Qld

Nice one Kim. Lucky we've got people like you to alert the general population to what's really going on.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Muse - The Resistance

There is only one word I can use to accurately describe the scope of the new Muse album The Resistance: epic.
Muse have taken what they already do really well - grandiose, ambitious rock - and taken it to a whole new level.
From the opening Goldfrapp-esque groove of Uprising, the album paints a picture of an Orwellian world in which thoughts are controlled and the population is encouraged to fall in line behind a totalitarian authority.
With this idea in mind, The Resistance is a rock opera of sorts, and essentially a discussion on what is a very human tendency - to question authority.
The entire album is all about soaring guitars, anthemic choruses and with a dash of Freddie Mercury-style vocals in one or two of the songs for good measure.
I cannot recommend this album enough. If you're a Muse fan, why haven't you bought it already?
And if you're not a Muse fan, perhaps it's time you started to think about joining the resistance.
Four and a half stars.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Wanker of the Year Award

Really must go to Kanye West.
After this outburst at the MTV VMA Awards, the teensy little bit of respect I had for the man has evaporated.
How can someone be so rude and so arrogant to walk up onstage and shatter someone's moment like that?
His music's pretty shit too.
Rant over.